Dry Wipes For Daily Eye Hygiene | 60 Pcs

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  • THE ULTIMATE SOFT DRY WIPE FOR DAILY EYE HYGIENE:Cotton balls are useful but they can be annoying to use, that’s why we created the NOVEHA dry wipes for eyes. Strong and durable, our 4”x 8” wipes are larger, and won’t pull apart like cotton pads or balls. Multilayered and absorbent for that perfect deep cleansing. Use these with the NOVEHA hypochlorous acid spray to fight bacteria and help mild eyelid irritations like blepharitis, chalazions and stye eye. (Spray sold separately.)
  • GENTLE & EXTRA LARGE: Gentle on your eyes, our pearl-patterned dry wipes will softly clean any dirt, debris, bacteria and make-up when used together with our hypochlorous eye spray. Our unique wipes are extra large which allows you to use one wipe for both eyes. In addition, one pack lasts for two whole months, for your long lasting daily eye care!
  • HYPOALLERGENIC FOR SENSITIVE EYES AND SKIN: We have your comfort and safety in mind. Our dry wipes are free of chemicals or any solutions at all! No allergic reaction, and non- irritating even to the most sensitive eyes and skin. Made of the finest polyester and viscose-that’s it!
  • YOUR HYPOCHLOROUS EYE SPRAY BUNDLE : Use with the NOVEHA eye spray. The spray contains pure hypochlorous acid which is a natural acid produced by our body to fight off toxins and inflammation caused by bacteria. This will help you improve your eyelid health, fight pink eyes, stye eye, dry eye and other eye irritations.
  • MEET NOVEHA: Our customers know that we strive every day to combine nature and technology to create the best skin and eye care for you. Because we all deserve to treat our bodies with the respect it deserves. At NOVEHA you will finally find clean, organic, safe skin care that works. Our products are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin. Clean, calm, relieve, soothe, hydrate and refresh your skin. Naturally.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Dry Wipes For Daily Eye Hygiene | 60 Pcs

  1. Clare

    Hygenic dry wipe for use with a liquid solution., very soft to useI liked the feel of these and that they are big enough to cut in half to use, I found 1/2 was plenty big enough so essentially get 120 wipes. Although you can buy specific solutions to use with these wipes I have also used diluted baby shampoo with them and found this worked well for me.

  2. Lee Mellott

    Generously Sized Dry Eyelid WipesThis is a packet of large dry eye wipes from Noveha. When I ordered initially, I didn’t pay close attention and thought it was the wet eyelid wipes by the same company. My error – but I think the company should use a different color box to distinguish the wet from the dry.The wipes can be saturated with lid cleaner to clean eyes, or used to remove mascara with make up remover. I recently used one to remove nail polish and it worked great. They are very large and felt very gentle on my lids. The price is very reasonable for 60 of them.

  3. Kiki Gene

    Soothing!!Very hydrating and feels great! leaves my skin and eye area super refreshed!

  4. Ash

    Good quality eye wipesThese NOVEHA Hypoallergenic Dry Eye Wipes are of high quality. They are large, soft to the touch, and do not tear. They should be used in conjunction with the NOVEHA hypochlorous acid spray, which is sold separately. It’s a shame the spray wasn’t included in the set, but I guess that’s because the bottle lasts longer than 60 sheets and you only need to buy these wipes as refills. Overall, good quality wipes, and I believe the price is reasonable even when the bottle is purchased.

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