Eyelid and Lash Gel Cleanser – 2 fl oz. (60ml)

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  • NATURAL RELIEF: Our Ultimate Hypochlorous eye gel contains 0.02% pure hypochlorous acid solution which is naturally produced by the body to fight off inflammation. Cleanses, calms, soothes, and helps with dry eyes, blepharitis, chalazion, meibomian gland dysfunction, contact lens intolerance. We incorporated the advantage of gel because it is thicker, not runny, and stays on the skin for longer periods.
  • FAST RESULTS: Our hypoallergenic unique formula is specially formulated in gel form because it absorbs in the skin and has longer lasting effects. Perfect for sensitive skin contains no alcohol, fragrance, parabens, sulfates, or harsh bleaches, and is even preservative-free! Safe for everyday use, it prevents the buildup of dirt and oils around the lashes. Use twice a day as your eye hygiene routine.
  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE: Unlike lash shampoos, NOVEHA prevents oil buildup around lash extensions, keeping your eyelashes and lids healthy, and helping to prevent issues in order to maintain and ensure longer life of your lash extensions. And no need to wash or wait long: the gel texture seeps easily into the skin and lasts on the skin longer.
  • LONG LASTING: Each bottle contains 4 oz, and comes with a special spray pump, ensuring multiple applications of our moisturizing eye drops so that you receive the highest quality at the lowest price. The thickness of the gel minimizes the amount needed to spray to just 2-3 sprays per eye!
  • MADE FOR YOU: Using the finest ingredients, this is your daily eye routine to maintain great ocular health. Recommended by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and clinically proven to be the most effective for helping eyes recover quickly and easily. All you have to do is spray a cotton swab or NOVEHA dry wipe, close your eyes, and gently rub over eyes and eyelashes in a side-to-side motion. Clean, invigorate and refresh your eyes – naturally.

Reviews (34)

34 reviews for Eyelid and Lash Gel Cleanser – 2 fl oz. (60ml)

  1. Dee

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Works perfectly

  2. SKYND

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    A great cleanser for eyelashes! Exactly as stated in listing.

    It works great just get it.

  3. Mia G.Mia G.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Soothing for allergy itchy and dry eyes.

    Overall Impression:-I would get it again and would recommend it. It’s now a must have staple for our medicine cabinet and personal care. My husband and I both love it and use it for dry eyes, allergy eyes and for myself psoratic arthritis eye issues.-We also use hypochlorous products (liquid spray, this is the eye gel spray, they make other products) for skin care (to calm rosacea, cleanse the skin, help with breakouts of acne) and in first aid (cuts, scrapes, burns, skin irritation, rashes, insect bites, itching).-We use hypochlorous (the spray for the body and skin, this one is for the eyes, they make sprays for the skin) as a cleanser instead of peroxide and instead of or antibiotic salve or in addition to it when needed. It helps with the pain of an injury and stops the stinging and burning and everything heals faster than without it. When you try it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. We’re even using it on sore areas on the body and it helps some, it won’t replace things like topicals for pain relief but it does help with inflammation.-Again, this spray is for the eyes, you’d want to buy a different one for the body. This brand and other brands make them. This is specially made for the eye and costs more per oz. than some for the body, so you’d want to use the body-skin type on those areas and this on on the eye.-You can’t substitute the skin and body spray for the eye spray. They are different in the concentrations. I checked because I already have hypochlorous spray for the body and skin. This also has aloe which is soothing, the skin and body sprays do not have aloe.-Knowing how much we loved and use hypochlorous spray trying it for eye issues was a great option. So I was excited to find an eye-ocular spray to try. I have so many eye issues that yes, sadly it was exciting. The prospect of getting relief from itchy allergy eyes (drops help the eyeball itself not around the eye and lash line) was promising. (I’ve rubbed my lower lashes so much, I barely have any left.)-It does not disappoint. It helps calm the itching and burning around the eyelids and lower lash lines. You’ll still need your eye drops or gels and whatever else you use for dryness or allergies, etc., but this is a great tool to add. It adds a cleansing, soothing step that will help.-I’d not use it right when you do the drops. I’d use this first then let it dry, then use the drops so you don’t wipe any of the drop off if it runs out of your eye.What hypochlorous is, how it’s made, the safety and mainstream science behind it:-Hypochlorous acid is well documented in mainstream science and is evidence based and backed. It’s used in various medical and dermatological settings for it’s antibacterial and wound healing properties.-It’s a safe, natural, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial. It doesn’t contribute to antibiotic resistance like a lot of antibacterial products, due to it working differently.-It’s widely used in mainstream medicine. If you google hypochlorous medical use, you’ll see medical journal articles and a WHO (World Health Organization) guide on it’s use in would care, especially in diabetics and those in wound care centers.-Our bodies make hypochlorous acid (no, it’s the acid your stomach makes) your white blood cells make it and use it to fight off pathogens and bacteria. In products hypochlorous is never blood based or based on human fluids. They’re able to make a form of it with science that mimics the hypochlorous our bodies already make and use.-There’s a reason you will notice a slight odor to hypochlorous products. It’s normal and natural and don’t let it be off-putting to you. It will remind you of a chlorine swimming pool or bleach. It quickly goes away and doesn’t linger or cause any burning or irritation.-The reason is because when hypochlorous is made (outside the human body), the method is a special way of utilizing purified water and salt (like table salt). It doesn’t feel salty or have a salty odor on the skin.-It’s not the same as saline salt sprays for the eyes or skin. Those are wonderful in their own way and have a lot of great uses. This doesn’t work or feel like them in any way, and they aren’t a substitute.-Google the science, it’s impressive and is mainstream and documented well in it’s uses and results in medicine and skincare. It’s used in wound care and dermatology with great results and safety.-It’s safe. It’s just a specially treated (to make hypochlorous from it) purified water and salt (table salt). It doesn’t have the risk and issues of antibiotic resistance that products with chemical antibacterials have.Pros:-Helps with dry eyes, allergy eyes, itching, burning, irritation and inflammation around the eye, eyelid and lashes.-Cleanses the eye and the lash area and is a safe, natural antibacterial and anti inflammatory.-Non irritating or drying. It does not burn or sting.-Moisturizes and soothes with the aloe gel and treats, cleanses with the hypochlorous acid.-Safe, mainstream science based and widely used ingredient hypochlorous acid is well recognized as useful and safe even by the World Health Organization (WHO).How to use it:-You do NOT spray this into your open eye or put it in the eye itself. It’s not an eye drop or eye gel that should have contact with your eyeball. (I’ve gotten some in my eye accidentally and it did not burn or hurt or cause any harm.)-You want to spray it on a wipe and use it to cleanse your eye. They sell wipes for this. I’ve used some I love and already have (from Amazon) (Intrinsics 407300 Petite Silken Wipes). I cut them in half (they come folded into fourths, I use it as a two layer vs four layer and get 2 uses out of one wipe, 1 layer is just too thin). (They’re also what I use for face cleansing with Bioderma micellar water).-Be sure the pad is soft and not scratchy or you’ll irritate the skin and do more harm than good. Standard drug store or beauty supply wipes (even soft cotton) are too scratchy and irritating.-Be sure the pad is wet enough or even the silkiest pad isn’t soft enough. A dry pad is scratchy. You don’t need it too wet, but wet enough.-I find with the wipes I mentioned, I need 3-4 sprays into the pad before using it (that works on both eyes, you don’t have to respray the pad). 1-2 is too dry. You spray it right into the pad and then use it to cleanse the eyes. You don’t have to change the pad between eyes, unless there’s a medical or sanitary reason you want or need to.-I find I really need to focus it on my lower lash-line and right under it as that’s an issue for me with the area being irritated (psoriatic arthritis issues).-After washing, wiping your eye area with the spray on a pad, do NOT wipe off the spray. Let it sit on your skin and lashes and work. If you remove it like you would soap or something you should rinse or wipe off, it will not be as effective as if you let it just sit on the skin and lashes like it was meant to do. View it as a cleanse that is a treatment when left on your skin and lashes.-A tip, is to use the spray and wipe and cleanse after going outside and coming back in or any exposure to allergies and dust (or whatever bothers your eyes). You’ll still need your normal allergy eye drops, but this helps get it off so you won’t rub your eyes so much.Cons:-None-Do be aware that a very mild, temporary chlorine, bleach, swimming pool like odor is normal. It is safe, normal and quickly goes away.-I’d suggest trying to get used to it (you quickly do and it’s mild not strong at all, I’m very scent sensitive and find it okay) as the benefits to using this are really worth it.Final Thoughts:-Highly recommend it and will keep getting it as long as they make it, it’s that good.-I suggest also adding other hypochlorous products to your first aid and skincare routine. Just get a hypochlorous spray for the skin (this is for the eyes) this brand makes it and there are a few others that do also.-Try it (spray for body and skin) to cleanse for first aid and to help with skin issues (irritation, acne, rosacea). It won’t be the only product you’ll ever need or use, but it’s a great helper and step to help with a lot of issues that this benefits.

  4. Amazon Customer

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great product for oil build up in eye lashes

    I liked the gel it removed oil build up in my lower lashes. The gel made the cleaning much gentler than the oil I had purchased before. I will order this product in the gel form again.

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