Tea Tree Handmade Soap Bar 5 oz. (140g)

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  • THE ULTIMATE TEA TREE SOAP BAR FOR EYES : Tea tree is a well known natural antiseptic, that’s why we created our non-stinging formula with 4% pure tea tree oil to help eye irritations. Perfect for washing, cleaning and moisturizing your eyes and face.
  • LATHER-CALM-SOOTHE: Say goodbye to eye discomfort: Our therapeutic and calming soap bar alleviates and soothes dry, irritated, red & crusty eyes and fights Demodex, MGD, blepharitis, stye eye & lid bumps. Cleans, refreshes, and nourishes your dry, flaky and itchy skin, and helps with all types of skin irritations.
  • NATURALLY HELP YOUR SKIN: Organic and vegan, this unique soap will relieve dry, itchy and sensitive skin, while moisturizing, nourishing and infusing your skin with great nutrients like aloe vera, organic green tea extract and raw shea butter, vitamins E and B5 and essential oils like olive oil and avocado oil.
  • ONLY HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: This handmade soap bar is non toxic and free of sls, parabens, alcohol, artificial fragrance, sulfates or preservatives. Once you start using it, your skin will thank you daily.
  • GENTLE & HYPOALLERGENIC: Our cleansing soap bars are cold-pressed and made in the ultimate conditions in order to ensure a long-lasting, quality bar. With a mild, natural scent and gentle formula, our 5 ounce soap bar is suitable for all skin types, and recommended to be used daily as part of your ocular skin care routine.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Tea Tree Handmade Soap Bar 5 oz. (140g)

  1. Rose

    Expensive luxury soap, you need to use the ‘Tea-Bag’ for a good latheringTea Tree Handmade Soap Bar | Therapeutic Skincare For Face, Eyelid Irritation, Itchy & Flaky Skin ……Brand: NOVEHA£9.99The bar of soap came in it own little box along with a small net bag to put the Tea soap into, a ‘Tea bag’! The most disappointing thing is that there was only one bar of soap, I know it’s a luxury item, but it is very expensive just for the 1 bar.It is wrapped in cellophane, it is a lime green colour and embossed with the ‘NOVEAH’ name, it has a strong smell that reminds me of a freshly cleaned hotel bathroom, it’s quite pleasant.In use, in the shower, it doesn’t produce much of a lather at all, still cleans and refreshes though, however place it in the ‘Tea Bag’ and it is like a completely different soap, it lathers up so quickly and thick and you also get the exfoliating effect with the little bag. Don’t forget to tie the string though or it will keep falling out.Left me feeling refreshed and a little tingly but does that justify the price?

  2. Phil

    Face feels clean and refreshed; ingredients help get skin soft & smoothThis 5-ounce dark-green color Tea Tree Soap Bar has a mild minty and sweet scent, as I sniffed the soap.I am able to get a decent amount of lather from the soap, before I wash my face, following the directions on the product box:1. “….lather soap onto hands, and with eyes closed, lather onto face…and closed eyelids in circular motions….”2. “….rinse off thoroughly and towel dry….”I like how clean and refreshed my face feels after using this soap.The product box also says this soap can be “lather onto….body….”. So, I also used it to clean my body, specifically concentrating on cleaning my heels, which has the most dry and irritated skin.The ingredients in this soap (including Vit B5, Vit E, and aloe vera) will help keep my skin softer and smoother than the typical soaps that I buy from the stores.I really like that there is not only an expiration date (12/23/2024) printed on the box, but also a manufacturing date (12/23/2021).Lastly, there is a drawstring mesh bag included. I put the soap bar into the bag, close the drawstring, then wet the bag/soap and rub to get more lather from the soap. Then, I apply the foam to my skin.Overall, I like the pleasing scent, and I like that the ingredients are conducive to helping improve my dry skin.

  3. Alex

    A natural, gentle and effective soap – worth consideringAt first glance if you are not use to buying handmade, and organic soaps at that, this can seem expensive. However this is worth more than a second look.This soap comes with some credentials. Looking at the ingredients it packs a whole load of natural, healthy ingredients without the added chemicals some contain. It is produced by a company who offer other ‘helpful to the eyes’ products so suggest it should offer confidence to use and should work effectively in this sensitive area.In use it has a tea tree smell which is not overpowering. Family members who have particularly sensitive skin (with a touch of psoriasis) said whilst it didn’t ‘cure’ the most ‘flaky’ areas it didn’t irritate and in parts seemed to improve it. What was most noticeable was it didn’t feel like the skin was being ‘coated’ in something that ‘moisturising chemically laden’ soaps can sometimes seem to do. Nevertheless after a few uses it was commented on that skin didn’t feel dry and whats more felt clean and hydrated.If it doesn’t get left with any water to ‘dissolve’ the soap beyond shower or bath time I think this will last a while and subsequently others bought.

  4. P. D. A. WALDER

    Clean and Refreshing ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐This Tea Tree Handmade Soap Bar came in a nice box and has a mesh bag to put it in when you are using your soap.- A little expensive for me but it is hand-made so I would expect it to be more priceyI have been struggling with sore, red and tired eyes since having a sty in my right eye last year and wanted something natural with antiseptic properties to see if it would help and had the chance to try this soap as part of the Amazon Vine Programme.I am using this soap for facial care only and I am very impressed with it as I do feel my eyes have improved using this.- Please be careful not to get it in your eyes though as it will cause irritation as it states on the box- It lathers well when using the mesh bag and has great moisturising propertiesThis soap is manufactured by NOVHEA Pharmaceutical LLC and you also get the date it was manufactured and when it expires (made: 23/12/2021 and expires: 23/12/2024) as well.Highly Recommended ⭐🌟⭐🌟⭐

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