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SilverLID™ Pet Eye Wash Drops for Dogs and Cats – 2 fl oz. (60ml)

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  • THE ULTIMATE EYE WASH FOR YOUR PET: NOVEHA SilverLID Eye Wash for pets is a safe and effective solution for gentle eyelid care that cleanses the eye area, removes tear stains, pollen, and debris, and soothes eye for both cats and dogs.
  • THE POWER OF NATURE: Its unique formulation contains natural ingredients such as Taurine to reduce inflammation and promote eye health, Colloidal Silver to reduce eye puffiness, D-panthenol- A form of B5 Vitamin that soothes and moisturizes the eyes, and Sodium Chloride that helps improve tear film stability. All these ingredients work together in a synergy to improve eye health and prevent tear stains.
  • SAFE & GENTLE FOR EVERY-DAY USE: The product is free from alcohol, artificial scents, or perfumes, making it gentle and safe for daily use as well as urgent cases. Excellent for pink eye, itchy eyes, clogging of the eye ducts, and other eye issues
  • EASY TO USE: NOVEHA SilverLID Eye Wash is easy to administer and is suitable for puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, and other small animals, including rabbits and ferrets.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE: Using extensive research to create the ultimate solution, this veterinarian-formulated product not only relieves eye but also cleans, helps, calms, softens and moisturizes the eyelids, and creates an inhospitable environment other entities.

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for SilverLID™ Pet Eye Wash Drops for Dogs and Cats – 2 fl oz. (60ml)

  1. Ichokuchi

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    So needed this for my Chihuahua

    Helps as his eyes get irritated all the time and red near them, that’s all been going away since I started using this stuff every other day or so, must not bother him much either since he lets me lol

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  2. keirdionnekeirdionne

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Colloidal silver is good

    One of my pups has an irritated eye & this was very helpful. I was able to use this in the interim before I received Rx meds from my vet. Definitely recommend. 11/10

    One person found this helpful

  3. celestetfelice

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Eye wash drips for pets

    As described.i order this for our 15 yo muppets who have cataracts.our Dobby wakes up with eye crusties and goop in his eyes daily.So I’m using this to loosen&clean his eyes every day! It’s Decent stuff.it doesn’t burn or sting& he doesn’t cry when I use this and wipe his eyes

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  4. A.S.

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    I used this on my medium sized dog who sometimes has some build up around her eyes in the spring. It seemed to soften the build up and removed it easily. From what I can tell, I did not notice her in any discomfort from using it.

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