Demodex mites are tiny microscopic parasites which live on our eyes and our skin.
Sounds gross. But don’t panic! We all have small numbers of them; they’re part of our bodies’ normal microbiome. These tiny beings feed on the oil glands, especially on our eyes.
So what’s the problem? When produced in large numbers, they reach a threshold that starts creating problems.

An excess of Demodex mites on the eye can cause eye irritations like red and irritated eyes, Blepharitis, and more.

What causes this excess?

Lack of daily hygiene is the leading cause for excess buildup. The more oil, dirt, dust and debris that builds up, the more the mites have to feed on and multiply. Icky!

What can help?

  • Daily hygiene: washing your eyes twice a day will help your eyes stay clean and curb tiny little suckers from multiplying.
  • Using Tea tree oil to clean: Tea tree oil has been proven be multiple research to be very effective in that it can kill demodex mites.

Use our tea tree eye foam or tea tree handmade bar soap daily for optimal results and relief.

  • Use the NOVEHA  warm moist eye mask: The warm moisture will make it easier to wipe away crusty buildup and keep lids and lashes clean. It will also help reduce gland secretions, which bring on the bacteria that cause irritation. And the fewer secretions, the fewer mites you’ll have since they’ll have less to feed on. 
  • Contact your doctor: Sometimes cases can be more severe. If you do not find relief, turn to your doctor for an eye checkup to check what the issue is and receive personalized treatments.

Use our tea tree eye foam or tea tree handmade bar soap daily for optimal results and relief.

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